Hire a Closer


If you are recruiting 1099 remote sales teams there are a
few things you MUST avoid. If you are hiring 100% commission reps you need exceptional leadership or your recruiting will quickly become a nightmare. To make more money for your company you must help your sales team make more money.



Things to avoid when hiring remote commission-based reps…

  1. Do NOT try to do too much filtering in your job
    When you are hiring commission teams you must
    really sell them on your mission and the opportunity. You should absolutely
    have standards and screening but they are guaranteeing you time in hopes for
    compensation. Regardless of how much they claim to want the opportunity they
    are actively looking at others, so make them feel like they are a part of
    something more than a check.
  2. Do NOT attempt to build commission-only BDR/SDR
    If you have no leads (or cold leads) and no
    money for an hourly or weekly base your time should be spent creating a funnel
    to support agent or getting an investor/loan to support payroll.
  3. Do NOT inflate the earning potential.
    If your offer has never been sold let them know.
    BE TRANSPARENT. You are setting them up for failure if you say “Uncapped
    Earning Potential” but the most any sales rep has ever made is 50k. Start with
    your current ceiling and let them know that you are looking for someone to
    break through it.

If you are constantly recruiting to replace then you should
evaluate the reasons for turnover before continuing to hire. It is very
difficult to keep good commission-only sales reps but it’s not impossible. Ask
your current reps what changes they would like to see. Compensation is usually only
a small part of the problem.

A few extra tips…if you can afford a small base pay for a 30-90
day ramp period I highly recommend it. Always have some type of bonus structure
in place. Meet with all reps daily (individually or on a group call). MAKE IT
FUN FOR THEM AND YOU! We run new contest for various KPI’s all the time.

After a decade of building remote sales teams we are still
constantly evolving our process. The one thing that has never changed is how we
empower our remote sales reps because we know the bottom-line impact. If you
need help recruiting or managing please reach out to me [email protected].